About Us


First and foremost Youth Today is a webzine produced by young people for the youth of South Africa. Youth Today is primarily interested in giving an active voice to our youth to raise their concerns and issues above the hubbub in South Africa today.

This translates practically into highlighting the issues affecting any young person living in South Africa, as well as the interests of this vital group of South Africans. Our intention with Youth Today is to assist with a hand up wherever possible.


We have created a wide spectrum of interests areas that includes covering hard news, sport, events, culture, opportunities for youth and a platform for the youth to share their short stories, poetry and other interesting reflections that are not subject restricted, within the boundaries of the law. These areas are of course open to change according to the wishes of the majority of the youth who subscribe to our website.


Youth Today intends to represent the lives and stories of our youth, and these will be pursued full throttle by the team of Youth Today. Our demographic is young people from the rural areas to urban areas, from the townships to the cities and anyone in between. Irrespective of the young person’s race, creed or religion, so long as they are part of the youth demographic in South Africa (14 – 34 years old) and live in South Africa, their voices will be heard.


Youth Today will not consider stories based on racial discrimination, gender or sexual discrimination. In fact, any kind of discrimination, and as such reserve our right of content refusal (see Terms and Conditions). The content of Youth Today is to represent the diverse youth, human and social angles of being a South African youth today.


Beyond being an informative youth website, Youth Today intends to offer a skills program where interested youth who fit the criteria will be Youth Today ‘volunteer journalists’ within their communities.

This program intends to develop the following skills in our youthful journalists:

Writing skills
Research skills
Reporting skills
Business skills

We do not employ people. The concept is based on the ‘Give to Get’ program that is currently under development. At the heart of the concept, the participants learn while they work, observing the importance of deadlines and values of work ethics at the same time. Participating young journalists contribute to the publication on voluntary basis for the exchange of the above-mentioned skills that could stand them in good stead in the search for permanent employment. It is intended to rotate our volunteer journalists, allowing others to get the opportunity to develop these skills.


Once we have reached the point of obtaining a physical newspaper, the paper will be distributed by unemployed young people of the country and in this way create employment and a source of income for our unemployed youth.

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