Book Review : Moffie by Andre Carl van der Merwe

31 January 2018 by Zeus

This coming of age book, set in the background of pre-democratic South Africa, Moffie is a memoir of sort, sharing insight into the life of then closeted, Nicholas ‘Nick’  van der Swart. Who, growing up lives harshly at the hands of his father, is conscripted into the military at the age of 19,where boys are said to be made into men.

Running from a life of senselessness into one of brutality, inhumanity and sometimes nerve wrecking, Nick has to endure the hardships that comes with molding one into servicing the country during the ‘s are,’ and has to outwit and survive daily, fighting his unresolved emotions, and hiding a secret that could very well be the end of his military service.

Van der Merwe, takes us through a journey of self discovery, laced with loss, endurance, friendship, forbidden love and the ultimate sacrifice. How far does one have to go before the lose the sense of who they are? What are you willing to sacrifice for your country? Is your life worth the brutality that is heaped upon you? Through all these questions, Nick has to make the choice: Flight or fight.

This books breaks the very laws of ‘don’t ask-don’t tell’ policies.

A definite must read.

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