Book review: Choose yourself by James Altucher

If you’re like me non-fictional books have your mouth watering at a distant mention. I first got introduced to this proud father, entrepreneur and New York times best selling author James Altucher a little over 18 months ago. At a truly challenging time in my life, they’d broken into my girlfriends car and stolen my bag pack which contained 8 months of research for my book, my passport and ID, and i almost went to prison. All in the very same month. And in the spirit of seeking a way to stop feeling crappy. I came across his blog post on while browsing on the Internet, including tons of interviews he’d been doing for the past few years – since then I’ve pretty much read all of his work.
Among his myriad of work he boasts an incredible blog post is included a slew of bestselling books. In this installment James delivers a message on how you can begin to make changes in your life to build the quality of life that you live, by making the decision to choose yourself. The books is quiet a light read with some fresh insights, far from the typical personal development community overtones, he rights in a cavalier style of delivery. fashioned in a style that is both quirky as it’s Altucheresque! copies of the book can be found on get your self a copy it’s worth the zar!! Read more about Book review: Choose yourself by James Altucher

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