by Alexander Georghiades As I sit here now and begin to contemplate, it begins to really settle in that it’s already the middle of the year. Winter has come and nestled itself firmly, the autumn leaves and the beautiful spectrum of red, yellow and gold have faded and given way to the cold but gentle […]

Sky Queen!

by Norton Nyandeni There’s a slew of myths in our midst, A teeming brew of armed bandits, Holding beliefs backward! Imposters positioned with soldiers, dreaded to the bone marrow, with both arms Scarred. Who is this figureless female, Disfigured and undone? Jarred to the soul inspired to take a life, All faith to Allah! These […]

Love is us.

by Sanele Xaso Heard it’s the most important feeling Told it’s the worst feeling Stated its passion Felt it being exploited Said to leave behind questions Speculated it’s the world’s best option Deemed it science ‘s most unbalanced equation Witnessed it bring peace Assumed it emerged when we were born… Ultimately, whether its: Heard; Told; […]

Showers are like showers

by Sanele Xaso I guess shadows are like showers, Except showers wash away the dirt And shadows maintain the dark until the light fades, And all you’re left with is the darkness of the of the night… Sparkled by stars in the sky! The same damned stars you see with your eyes after life deals […]

He is almost white…

by Sanele Xaso “He is almost white.” .. “He talks like a book.” What is that anyway, a preface for my inaugural Memoir titled “Some of My Friends Are White”? Roll out the Rule Book why don’t you, I promise to abide by every word while I try my damndest to unroll my tongue and […]

The Years

by Manfred Noriskin-Ender Where did the years go? where, did the years go! Childhoods like naughty sprites escaped, heartbreaks forgotten, church bells rung. Dogs barking in the autumn chill knowing the harvest ain’t in, watch them long shadows on the wall brother, swallows swooping low, leaves dropping like tears as the moon comes up, tide […]