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6 Useful Tools for Beating Addiction

Original article  on  | 27  March 2017 | by Operation Meditation Ready to kick a habit that’s been kicking you? Is it time to release the hold that something has over you and start to live life – addiction free? A compulsion toward any sort of substance is hard to overcome; whether it’s to food,

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Parental tips to prevent underage drinking

Original article on | 19 December 2016 With the festive season setting in, along with the possibility of underage drinking from frenzy of the celebrations, the South African Breweries (SAB) is empowering parents with the tools to speak to youths about why they should wait before having that first sip of alcohol. With the

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South Africa: Minister Davies Concerned At High Rate of Alcohol Abuse

Original article on | 22 November 2016 | Pretoria — Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has expressed concern at the levels of alcohol abuse in the country. “Looking at the world average liquor consumption per capita, South Africa stands at about twice the average. We consume about twice as much as the world

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