Why Failure Is an Opportunity in Disguise Success Advice

Original article  onaddicted2success.com | 29  March 2017 | by Max Weigand On your journey towards your dream life, there will be many setbacks. Whenever you pursue a goal that is worth achieving, it will be hard. You fall down many times, and every time you ask yourself: “Is this really for me?” There will be […]

5 Reasons Why Success Is Always About Personal Responsibility

Original article on addicted2success.com | March 2017 | by Brooke Davis The deceptively simple and yet obvious thing about success is that it starts and ends with you.  You know this, but sometimes it can be so very difficult to actually live as if you know it.  Living as if you know it means understanding and […]

10 Ways to Achieve Self-Empowerment

Original article on operationmeditation.com | January 2017 | by operation Meditation Self-empowerment means that you take charge of your own life. This involves recognizing that within each of us is the ability to live from our natural being state. Another way to put it is to say that a self-empowered individual does not let go of […]

8 Steps You Can Take To Banish Negative Thoughts Forever

Original article on operationmeditation.com | 14 November 2016 | Negative thoughts are more than just a nuisance, they can be downright dangerous. Over time they will drain your energy, disturb your sleep, wreak havoc on your relationships, damage your health and impair your ability to function on the job. Controlling negative thoughts is easier said […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Learning How to Accept Yourself

Original article onoperationmeditation.com | 22 November 2016 | by Operation-Meditation Do you find it hard to be comfortable with who you are? Are you wishing for the day that you can look in the mirror and see a face smiling back at you, instead of the one that that tells you you’re not good enough? When […]

Seven Great Methods of Inspiration

Original article on operationmeditation.com | 14 November 2016 Feeling inspired is a powerful thing. Most great accomplishments in life start from a moment of inspiration. It can motivate you through countless hours of hard work and setbacks until you reach your goal. Inspiration is what keeps you going even if others around you doubt your […]

Inspiring lessons hit home

Youth SA Original article on news24.com | 9 November 2016 | by Gary Van Dyk A group of learners and students from schools and colleges across the peninsula are ready to face their future with a fiery determination and positivity. This was evident when MOT South Africa, an NPO based in Pinelands that facilitates a life-skills […]

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem Without Sabotaging Yourself

Original article on addictive2success.com |26 October 2016 | by Cephas Tope – Stop feeling sorry for yourself and in case you’ve never been told, “sorry is a weak word.” You might even think your problem is unique and no one will ever know how you feel on the inside, but you know what? Most of […]