Style Guide


Style is the effective use of language. It involves the power to put facts with clarity and brevity; but facts are usually none the worse for being put also with as much grace and interest as possible. – FL Lucas in Style

Style means a good way of writing. A style guide is thus the tool to ensure stories are written in such a consistent manner as to contribute to the goals of Youth Today webzine.

The Youth Today Writer

The Youth Today banner is ‘Learn. Unlearn. Relearn’. It is an online webzine primarily focused on the African youth demographic, their issues, challenges and dreams. It promotes a ‘youthful’ view of Africa. Our ethos is to have fun; define the youthful voice of Africa; and to respect our fellow men and women as we strive for greatness.

We do not live in a world of rules, but if you ignore these guidelines your story might be spiked or sent back:

  • The Youth Today writer is an expert so is entitled to an opinion, but is never god so cannot express a judgement
  • All things turn bad if they bring harm to another
  • Try everything in life, but beware those things that might seek to take control of you
  • Diversity in everything is the essence of life
  • There are no limits to what one can do or achieve
  • There are no boundaries or parameters in life other than those you set for yourself
  • There is no underbelly in life or a places that cannot be visited – so mindfully explore, explore, explore while being sure to arm yourself with correct information to guide you
  • Life is fun and funny and we do everything to counter views that hold ‘alternatives’ as unacceptable, boring, desperately serious and holier-than-thou
  • We do not prescribe, only guide – if religion is for you, then so be it; if your choices are different then at least think of how you made them and why
  • Breaking out is fun and affirming
  • There is no wrong or right opinions, only different ones

Remember, we have yet to meet a boring adventurer.

Please click here to get a printable PDF of the Youth Today Style Guide