Knockout blow for Zuma? Mandela Foundation wants “urgent” meeting with ANC

Source: BizNews | 11 Apri; 2016 At some point, even one’s strongest supporters throw in the towel. That day is hastened when your only defence against criticism relies only on creating further discord. That is the reality of what President Jacob Zuma’s supporters face after a call from yet another powerful civil society body, the […]

Bloomberg View: SA will not prosper while Jacob Zuma remains President

Source: | 11 April 2016 First it was The Economist. Then the Financial Times. Last week the New York Times added its substantial voice to calls for Zuma to go. And today a booming Bloomberg joins in. That’s four of the global investment community’s most influential voices. More significant is that they are actually […]

Imperial CEO Mark Lamberti: ANC #ConCourt reaction shows “no accountability”

Source: | Liezel Hill Reading Mark Lamberti’s powerful riposte to the ANC’s backing of President Jacob Zuma reminded me of a fascinating dinner exchange a few years back. As the host, I was seated next to guest speaker Gwede Mantashe and luck had it, to my right was Massmart founder and now Imperial CEO […]