If You Already Have Passion, Here Are the Other 4 Things You Will Need to Be Successful

 Original article on addicted2success.com | 1 October 2016 | by Curtis McHale We’ve all seen inspirational posters that exhort us to follow our dreams. So many great motivational speakers tell us to follow our passion and that money will follow. But is that really true? Can you just follow your passion and somehow the world will […]


Original articlenaijapreneur.com |13 Ocober 2016 | by Tito Philips.JNR The success of your business depends on several contending factors; perhaps top on the list besides product development is marketing. You must have heard the famous saying that the best mouse trap in the market may not always be the fastest selling mouse trap. Why? Because the […]

How cyber crooks target their victims

Original article on businesstech.co.za Young and older people display different behaviours that make them targets for cyber criminals who are intent on stealing money from their bank accounts, says an expert. While banks have increased security for online platforms, cyber criminals have turned to customers as easy marks for theft. “Young people may be more […]

Starting a Business? 7 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Original article on addictive2success.com |6 October 2016 | by Smith Willas Startups are on the rise and young people are keen to launch their own business as opposed to a nine-to-five job.  As easy as it might sound, opening a business requires patience and proper planning. Young entrepreneurs must learn the skills of investing money in the right channels […]

Young Woman Turns Hobby Into Business

Original article onmmegi.bw  |27 September 2016 | by Isaac Pinielo What started as a hobby and a passion for visual art suddenly turned into a money-spinning business for Keanole Panila Kote of Mmankgodi. “I advertise my business through social media.  I have a Facebook page named Queen-Hair Weaves BW, where you can find pictures of […]

Women in logistics

Original article on pressoffice.mg.co.za |20 September 2016 | by Barloworld Logistics. In recent years, several major studies have demonstrated that having more female leaders, board members, managers and supervisors leads to better business outcomes including higher levels of productivity, safety and improved financial returns, says Shirley Duma, Director: Human Resources, Barloworld Logistics. More specifically, research […]

Paid internship for 1 million SA youth

original story onfin24.com by Lameez Omarjeenew Youth employment programme developed by government, labour and the private sector will see 1 million youth placed in paid internships, over a three-year period, said President Jacob Zuma. Speaking at a press briefing at the Union Buildings on Friday, the president gave feedback on the progress made by the […]

5 Strategic Ways To Beat The Competition

Original article on naijapreneur.com Business is a game and only the team with the best players will win. To beat the competition will require everyone’s collective effort. It’s not just a task for the marketing department or top management; it’s everyone’s responsibility. So as the leader of your business, it’s very important you enlist the support of the […]