Cape Town to host International Public Art Festival

Original article on | 22 January 2017 Cape Town will play host to South Africa’s first International Public Art Festival (IPAF) from 10-20 February, bringing art and art lovers out of the galleries and onto the streets. The IPAF is just one part of the mission of newly set up NPO Baz-Art to use […]


Provided by Eclipse PR | 6 December 2016 While many South Africans see the New Year as the perfect time to look for a job, temptation to throw a few exaggerations – and lies – into your resume in order to stand out from all other applicants may be at an all-time high. “With a […]

Enabling tourism SMEs to make the most of peak season with card facilities

Original article on | 14 November 2016 Tourists spent around R31 billion in the first quarter of 2016 according to  with around four billion spent on food and drink and around R6.5 billion on retail. As we enter the peak summer holiday season, these numbers are likely to rise significantly. Small businesses play a […]

Begging for jobs: is it all doom and gloom for job hunters in South Africa?

Original article on | 10 November 2016 |By Aptronics Youth unemployment rates within South Africa are high – one only needs to drive down a main road to get a rude awakening of that fact; the corners are scattered with desperate individuals simply looking for a way to make a living, says Estelle Erasmus, […]

South Africa: Help At Hand for Small Business

Original article on 29 September 2016 | Government is forging ahead with its plans to promote more inclusive growth and an environment that enables small businesses to flourish. These efforts have seen about 280 rural enterprises, 181 township enterprises and 147 existing SMMEs being assisted with skills and start-up support so that they can […]