South Africa leading in adoption of online learning

Original article on | 13 Maarch 2017 | Jens Ischebeck High speed internet, the proliferation of smart devices and ubiquitous computing has impacted the landscape of all known ways of human life today. Every year sees the computing power and speed of devices double as predicted by an electronic engineer called Moore. In light of […]

Facebook marks Safer Internet Day

Original article on | 7 February 2017 | by TintswaloBaloyi IN line with Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, Facebook has launched a series of initiatives to help make the Internet a safer and better place for people across Africa, especially children and the youth. Facebook is partnering with public sector agencies and non-governmental organisations from […]

A balanced ‘online parenting’ strategy is essential

Original article on | 10 January 201| by Cara Le Mottee Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and internet use have increasingly become an integral part of today’s society, resulting in people spending an ever increasing amount of time online, and South Africa is no exception. New communication tools have become central to the way young people […]

AfICTA Targets 1m ICT Jobs Across Africa by 2020

Original article on | 3 November 2016 | by Emma Okonji The need to create no fewer than one million additional jobs in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by 2020 across African continent, was part of the objectives of the 4th annual summit by the Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance […]

What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?

Original article on | 25 October 2016 Gone are the days when a user had to rely entirely on his computer or on portable hard drives and CDs/DVDs in order to save and store files. Now, thanks to cloud computing, all your information can be stored online on internet servers through the various ‘cloud’ services […]

Inclusive internet essential to Africa’s growth – Cwele

Original article on | 21 0ctober 2016 The internet should be open, neutral, resilient, interoperable and responsive to the growth needs of all. This was the message Dr Siyabonga Cwele, South Africa’s telecoms minister, brought to the fifth annual meeting of the African Internet Governance Forum this week.The main theme of the meeting, held […]

South Africa’s vote against Internet freedom

This article was originally posted on The Conversation | July 16, 2016 South Africa has yet again sided with repressive regimes such as Russia, China and Saudi Arabia against progressive efforts by the United Nations (UN). This is counter to the spirit of the country’s enlightened constitution. This month the UN voted on a resolution […]

How AutoTrader Anticipated Change

Source: | GG van Rooyen AutoTrader South Africa is an online behemoth, boasting more than three million visitors each month. Not that long ago, though, the brand faced the very real possibility of extinction. Vital Stats Player: George Mienie Company: AutoTrader South Africa Established: 1992 Visit: Key learnings Trends are out there to […]