The #1 reason why millennials encounter a quarter-life crisis

Original article on | 23 November 2017 by Glenn Leibowitz When I was 26, I was stuck in a job that I felt wasn’t going anywhere and in a company that didn’t really seem to care. My escape hatch was business school, where I could spend two years learning new skills, building my network, and pivoting from […]

Kenyan youth second in seeking side hustles in Africa

Original article  on 20 | February 2017 | by Margaret Njugunah In East Africa, youth are more likely to venture into Agriculture to get an extra shilling, followed by ICT, entertainment, online business and logistics.  In Nigeria and Ghana, the youth are into less conventional sectors than those mostly associated with the youth such as […]

10 New Year money tips millennials need to survive in 2017

Original article on | 2 January 2017 | by Zlata Rodionova In case you missed the headlines about how stretched millennials are: not many are managing to save. But, if you fall into that category, there are some small changes you can make to your habits that could have a big impact on your yearly finances, starting now. […]