Government digs deep to push township SMMEs to success

Original article on | 2 March 2017 The National Planning Commission is set to host various dialogue sessions with Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) throughout the country from March until May. The commission on Tuesday said the dialogue sessions are part of its information gathering on the ‚ÄúLimited Success of Entrepreneurial Activity by […]

South Africa: Gauteng Enters ‘Second Wave’ of Empowerment

Original article on | 21 February 2017 The Gauteng Government has entered into the “second wave” of empowerment which will ensure that black businesses and township enterprises become more sustainable by participating in the other sectors of the economy. In partnership with key industry leaders, some of the radical measures that will be taken […]

South Africa: Help At Hand for Small Business

Original article on 29 September 2016 | Government is forging ahead with its plans to promote more inclusive growth and an environment that enables small businesses to flourish. These efforts have seen about 280 rural enterprises, 181 township enterprises and 147 existing SMMEs being assisted with skills and start-up support so that they can […]