SA hosts regional youth unemployment workshop

13 February 2018 The Department of Labour will host a two-day SADC workshop on youth unemployment in the region. South Africa, as chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), will host the gathering under the theme ‘Addressing Youth Employment in the SADC Region’ from 13 – 14 February in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. Youth unemployment is […]

Youth Unemployment is Unsolvable Without Addressing ‘Waithood’

Original article on | 26 September 2017 | by Reem Rahman and Dr. Lynsey Farrell In a scenario illustrated by the World Bank, “Africa will need at least two decades to change the structure of employment sufficiently to offer dramatically different prospects to its youth.” However, what this scenario may not fully consider is the […]

Redefining What Counts as a “Good” Job

Original article on | 9 March 2017 | by ReemaRahman and Lynsey Farrell Employers and job seekers across the continent are struggling with an employment mismatch of unprecedented proportions. Adetoun Adewolu-Ogwo, founder of the National Career Centers of Nigeria, experienced this firsthand when she was given the responsibility to hire new employees at one of […]

Why SA’s youth need to pursue specialised skills and expertise

Original article on | 2 March 2017 | Issued by: Little Black Book PR In today’s fast changing and technology driven world of work, the skills and expertise required of employees, at every level, are in themselves becoming fluid and ever changing. Where job titles and roles were once fixed and specific, many are no longer relevant and […]

Africa’s jobless youth cast a shadow over economic growth

Original article on | 29 February 2017 African governments are confronting unemployment in many different ways. In Senegal, with 200,000 Senegalese joining the labour market each year, President Macky Sall launched a programme in February 2013 to create 30,000 jobs within a year and possibly 300,000 by 2017. The African Development Bank (AfDB) is […]

Lifting Africa up by empowering its youth

Original article on | 28 February 2017 | by Fred Swaniker Finding opportunities for young people is a critical challenge for Africa, where 62 percent of the population—more than 600 million young people—is below the age of 25. With no signs that population growth will slow in the decades to come, it is imperative that Africa […]

Paving the road ahead for young entrepreneurs

Original article on | 15 February 2017 | by Little Black Book PR Given the endless stream of inspiring media stories that detail the increase of entrepreneurs to positions of power and the rise of the Unicorn businesses (mostly in the tech sector), it is unsurprising that many young and ambitious South Africans are set […]

Labour Intensive Youth Projects: Keeping hope Alive

Original article on | 7 February 2017 | by Faith Muthambi The signing of the Youth Employment Accord on the April 18, 2013 was both historic and significant. It was historic in a sense of bringing together for the first time the country’s social partners comprising of government, business, labour, and youth formations in […]

Counting Africa’s invisible workers

Original article on | 6 December 2016 | by Carl Manlan  The billions of dollars in aid delivered to Africa annually may do the continent much good, but it cannot deliver a solution to poverty. Only creating more high quality jobs can do that. The question is how. Africa boasts a large and creative labour […]

South Africa: Manamela Offers Solutions to Youth Unemployment

Original article on |26 August 2016 | Encouraging young people towards entrepreneurship and self-employment is the central solution to deal with youth unemployment, according to Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela. Manamela was speaking about the issue of youth unemployment at the Labour Law conference at Emperor’s Palace on Thursday. He highlighted the fact […]