The boy with a Dragon tattoo

31 January 2018 by Zeus

He called me by name

His eyes never leaving me

I shiver as I made my way to him

Knowing pretty well what he wanted


His grip was firm

Yet filled with gentleness

His scent, hypnotic

He pulled me to him and I willed my body to surrender


When our lips touched

It felt like a mini tornado was raging in me

Our tongues performed a tango in the other’s mouth


Then it came, like a tidal wave

A feeling so strong it made my body shiver

He pulled me still, deepening the kiss his hands keeping me in place


I still remember, the day

Beautifully laced with an evening sunset

The breeze cooling our now hot bodies

I could hear the gasps of peoples

He looked oblivious to them


Then he pulled away

Leaving yearning for more

Shocked, confused and breathless

I watch him walk away

The distance stretching between us


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