Why passion is made visible!!

Sitting here writing this i am reminded of the reason why we set off on this Journey from the beginning. from me it all began when i met Michelle, a little over two years ago, i was a tad bit nervous and a lot eager to please. We were introduced by a mutual friend who was a writer that had invited me to join “this-new-and-exciting” youth online publication that was poised to capture the whole of Africa in its wake. Our first meeting was at the End of August, the setting was rustic arti studio apartment that stood on the fouth floor of art hub located in the shanty side of the city along end street. I got there an hour early to warm the coffee in the coffee maker and make sure that all was well before they arrived.
I’d never met Michelle before but my friend assured me that she would like me. The was no way of knowing at first so i put my best foot forward and i was eager to impress. She arrived at the studio apartment with her confidant. A beautiful young black women, who i owe a great of gratitude for being a good friend a deep source of inspiration. At the time Keitu, a write, mother and corporate jeganaut was the managing direct of what was then “youth today magazine.” Keitu has since gone on to conquor the world, and i pray that she turns into gold what her mind envisions. Michelle then took me under her wing as my mentor, and naturally, our relationship started to feel more like how she would say it, “my son from another mother.”
Personally i have struggled with not seeing in myself what others see in me. “It’s the potential that i see in that i want you to tap into Norton” Michelle would say, “I don’t want you to take that for granted by squandering it…remember that if it’s not real it F’s you up.” Real talk!
Before all of this I spent the passed ten years of my life whirling over what should be done and getting nothing virtually done…Fact! Oscillating between what excited me momentary and action paralysis. I have made promises and kept a few if any to the people that saw, and still continue to see, what i have for my years of my life failed to see. James Moremoholo wrote a book title Mind power: I hope i never die broke. In the title of this book is implied a premise that you may be born into a condition of poverty or lack, but that doesn’t define who you are or the heights of success that you can attain in the long run.
Who i am today is the result of years of work from the hands of a caring mentor, friend and mother. I have been fortunate to have this happen for me, unfortunately a million other passion driven young people cannot say the same. I was inspired to start a movement and call it “Young people big minds” which forms part of the young people big minds academy where i spend a day with youth from Townships much like the one i grew up in an provide them with a set of life skills and other learning tools that will render them true captains of their ship, to sound the old adage.
Our belief is that behind all moving forces are two things; heart and intention. With heart you can love, care and cherish what you are engaged with by heading to your calling. And in intention you have a vehicle with which to fuel your desires. For all the stars in the galaxy the sky beyond the limit and so are you!

I share with you today a part of our history because i hope that through this story you will realise that as a seeker, a great young man or women, under construction you are the heart beat the fuel our passion as an organization, and that you realise that this is your home – you are what we are passionate about!!

Post Author: Norton Nyandeni