Youth are future leaders

22 March 2018 | By Kgomotso “Zeus” Meso

I would like to believe that youth are considered a bunch of people that knows nothing about leadership. They are considered to lack the capacity to lead and bring change. It is expected that all young people should follow some foot print of those that had made a difference in any aspect and follow their experience. We live in a society that experience matters than making own mistake. In any way all experience in life if it had not been evaluated is just more like space occupying lesion in the brain. Is there not to be used. So I believe if youth is given more attention and a chance to demonstrate their capability to lead much can happen for this country. The future looks bright in the hands of our young and dynamic individuals that cares and are patriots of its country. We as youth do not need to lose more lives, lose our voices before we are heard. We should not fight like we did in 1976.

Isn’t it prove enough already when the likes of Tsietsie “Tebogo” Mashinini and the generation of 1976 stood firm in what he (they) believed in. Wasn’t his thoughts and influence much more like a leader? Irrespective of the outcome of the peaceful match that occurred in June 1976, he stood adamant to fight for what was right. He influenced his peers as much as a good leader would have, to continue with the peaceful march until the cry had been heard. The outcome of the June 1976 match has resulted in a lot of young people joining ANC and its military wings to keep on the struggle. Only a leader can have such power to make others follow in what s/he believes in.

Many years has passed and the youth of 1994 still find themselves not enjoying the privileges that the fore generation has fought so hard for. They lost their privilege for free education for all. For equality. What happened to reality? I get to ask myself, “Where did we lose sight of things?” We mandated our government to sustain the legacy to better people and it seems like we have failed ourselves drastically. I don’t go pass without recognizing other changes the government made. I say they can do better. It has been more than 20 years and the changes should correspond with the years. The promise made should have been delivered at least 85% which is less likely as the people are not happy with the decision taken without their consent. For example e-tolls has been forced on people.

Today’s youth has more struggle and responsibility to ensure they carry on the legacy of the 1976 generation so that education can be free for all. We should not find ourselves being shot at just like it has happened in 1976 and now with the #Fees_Must_Fall campaign. Yet again, the youth took a stand to say, “Enough is enough,” with all this unreasonable fees adjust which makes access to further education slimmer for the disadvantaged. If we want equality in this country the government has no choice but to exhaust all revenues to make education free for all. This will bring equality and fair socio-economic status amongst our people. There would be change if we focus on building young individuals equally, irrespective of their social background. We need to start now to breaks this barricades by making sure access to education for young people be free.

Youth are dynamic and possess so much potential to make our country a better living place. If they are afforded opportunities to lead without being criticized on their age.

They can make a significant impact to our economy and implement the fast growing commodities suitable to this age and date. Our youth should not be side lined as they possess so much greatness and have demonstrated that in two different generation the ability to lead. The trap that makes our graduate slaves of debts accumulated in funding their studying should end now. Let our country allow our youth to take a lead and grow into its assets. Let this country and its government allow the youth to have a say without losing any life. Let the government of this country groom the youth that will go back to their society and make a huge difference

You have so much potential and they make better leaders




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