Youth Today Radio –

Youth Today Radio started in response to the unemployment rate in South Africa among our youth. We soon realised that the employability skills development issue is continent wide and so we incorporated Africa into our plans. Within the next 24 months we hope to have youth from every one of our African countries online with us.

A new community radio station that is only online, we have been working long and hard to bring you what you want. Yes, that’s right – what you want. The only thing that doesn’t fly with us is abuse of other peoples and groups rights and human freedoms, otherwise this is the space that is free and unfiltered regarding your freedom of expression and creativity. We as a radio station need to follow rules and regulations regarding licensing issues, otherwise anything goes!

We are building it from the ground up, but its yours so please let us know what you want in this space called Youth Today Radio that is the property of everyone under the age of 35. You can send us your music, ideas or suggestions on – our in-studio email address.  If you just want to interact with our DJs and Presenters then whatsapp us on (+27) 63 572 1494.

So what can you expect when you turn up?

A community radio station in the day with regular talk shows and other stuff relevant to a youthful life. In the evening the intention is to build an audio library that runs skills development audio through the night mixed in with some of the new and popular vibes out there.

Yes, you read it!

We promise to play whatever music you make, show the art you draw or paint or showcase any other piece of creativity you bring into the world.

If people vote for it to stay, it stays and if they don’t then you need to create something else and we (you and Youth Today Radio) will try again. We are here for you.

We, as a team along with our partners, are doing our best to give you what you want and create opportunities for you. But there is a catch… you need to subscribe to either this website or the radio website: – whichever you prefer. Why? So we can keep hanging out, chatting about what you want and need and then giving you things. Cool huh? We think so… and its for real!